In a distressing turn of events, two Las Vegas teenagers, Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, accused of intentionally running over retired police chief Andreas Probst, displayed appalling behavior during a recent court hearing. The incident occurred over two months ago, and both teens are being tried as adults for murder.

During the hearing, Ayala and Keys entered the courtroom with their faces partially concealed from cameras, seemingly suppressing laughter. They also appeared to flip off the victim’s family, a shocking display of indifference.

Probst’s family expressed their outrage, with Taylor Probst, the victim’s daughter, condemning the teens’ lack of remorse. Ayala’s public defender, David Westbrook, appeared to be laughing alongside Ayala, raising concerns about the professionalism of the proceedings.

The release of bodycam footage exacerbated the situation, with Westbrook expressing frustration over media access and concerns about finding impartial jurors. However, Crystal Probst, the victim’s widow, pointed out that it was the defendants who initially shared the video on social media.

Despite Ayala and Keys attempting to intimidate the Probst family, they remained undeterred. Crystal Probst wore her late husband’s damaged Apple Watch to the hearing, emphasizing her determination to seek justice.

During his initial arrest, Ayala displayed arrogance by claiming he would be released from jail in a month, showing a shocking disregard for the gravity of the charges.

As the legal proceedings continue, the Las Vegas community grapples with the teenagers’ shocking behavior. This case highlights the importance of accountability and empathy in the justice system, as well as the role of parents and guardians in shaping their children’s behavior.