In a heart-pounding stunt that nearly cost him his life, an unnamed biker, known as Street Demon PC, posted a shocking video on YouTube. Riding at over 140 mph on a busy Florida highway, he attempted to weave through traffic, narrowly avoiding accidents.

The video starts calmly, but as traffic thickens, the biker’s reckless maneuvers become increasingly dangerous. At one point, he collides head-on with a pickup truck, sending it swerving into another lane. The impact seemed to knock him unconscious, but his bike continued forward, leading to a second collision.

The video, with around 45,000 views, shocked viewers, prompting calls for safer riding. Experienced bikers also weighed in, advising caution. Street Demon PC later apologized on Instagram, recognizing the danger he had put innocent lives in.

This dramatic tale serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of reckless behavior on the road, emphasizing the importance of responsible driving even in the world of extreme sports. Street Demon PC’s close call should inspire a safer approach to thrill-seeking adventures on two wheels.