A chaotic scene unfolded on a bustling night in Austin, Texas, as a group of Marines found themselves trading punches with a gang of thugs in the city’s vibrant entertainment district. The incident, caught on camera and witnessed by dozens of revelers, has left many wondering what led to this wild altercation on Sixth Street.

The video, apparently captured on a Sunday night, begins with a verbal confrontation between a young woman and a Marine, which escalates when she appears to grab the Marine’s phone and toss it away. Soon after, a young man in a white hoodie lunges toward the Marine, but his advances are quickly halted by fellow Marines in their sharp dress blue uniforms. The video can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDBBwy-68K8

For a brief moment, tensions rise as words are exchanged and some shoving takes place. Then, the man in the white hoodie throws the first punch, sparking a series of fights between the two groups. One of the thugs, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, lands a couple of punches on a Marine, who retaliates with a powerful punch that sends his assailant stumbling backward.

The brawl intensifies as another Marine joins the fray, going after the same thug who had fallen to the ground. Chaos reigns until the intervention of law enforcement officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Austin Police, who step in to separate the brawlers. One of the officers can be seen arresting a thug who lies face down on the ground.

In the midst of the commotion, a bystander not involved in the altercation chants “U-S-A” as authorities work to regain control of the scene. Officers on horseback also arrive to assist in restoring order.

As of now, it remains unclear what triggered this violent clash and how many thugs were arrested in connection with the incident. The Texas Department of Public Safety has referred inquiries to the Austin Police Department, which has yet to provide further details about the incident.

Sixth Street, known for its numerous bars and nightclubs, has long been a popular tourist attraction in Austin. However, it has also faced ongoing safety concerns and incidents of rowdy behavior. In 2021, a shooting incident in the area left one person dead and 13 injured, according to local reports.