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Are you tired of unreliable news sources that leave you questioning the truth? Look no further! The residents of Pahrump Nevada, and surrounding communities deserve a news source they can trust, and we are here to provide it.

Our unwavering commitment is to curate accurate and unbiased news, while occasionally producing our own stories. Unlike other news organizations, we are not affiliated with any particular agenda or bias.

Join us in building a community where facts matter and truth is a priority. With our dedication to trustworthy journalism, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most reliable news possible.

Meet The Team:

Paul Hanlon: Senior Editor

Biography: Paul Hanlon is a highly respected investigative journalist known for his tenacity and dedication to uncovering the truth. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Paul developed a passion for storytelling and reporting from a young age. His interest in current affairs and deep curiosity about world events led him to pursue a career in journalism.

After completing his education in journalism, Paul began his professional career as a reporter for a local newspaper, covering regional news and community issues. His exceptional writing skills and relentless pursuit of challenging stories quickly caught the attention of larger news outlets, and he was soon recruited by a major national newspaper.

Over the years, Paul’s work has taken him to various corners of the world, covering stories ranging from political scandals to environmental disasters. He has earned multiple awards for his groundbreaking investigations, shining a light on corruption and giving voice to the marginalized.

As he continues to excel in his career, Paul Hanlon remains committed to the highest standards of journalistic integrity, striving to deliver accurate and impactful news to the public.

Mike Steinmetz: Columnist and Contributor

Biography: Mike Steinmetz is a rising star in the world of broadcast journalism, admired for his charisma and insightful reporting. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Mike demonstrated a fascination with media and storytelling from an early age, hosting his mini “news segments” for family and friends.

Upon starting his career as a junior reporter at a major network, Mike quickly became known for his on-screen presence and ability to connect with viewers. His career skyrocketed as he covered significant national and international events, including political campaigns, natural disasters, and cultural phenomena. His interviews with prominent figures have garnered praise for their depth and thought-provoking questions.

Despite his young age, Mike Steinmetz has proven himself as a seasoned journalist, unafraid to tackle complex issues and deliver compelling stories to his audience. He continues to earn accolades for his work, and many in the industry expect him to become one of the leading faces of broadcast journalism in the years to come.

Jennifer Myst: Columnist and Contributor

Biography: Jennifer Myst is an accomplished investigative reporter celebrated for her incisive reporting and unwavering commitment to exposing the truth. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Jennifer developed a keen interest in social justice and human rights from an early age.

Eager to make a difference through journalism, Jennifer pursued a career as a journalist, starting at a regional news outlet. Her persistent pursuit of in-depth stories and her dedication to shedding light on underreported issues quickly earned her a reputation as a hard-hitting investigative reporter.

Throughout her career, Jennifer Myst has tackled challenging subjects such as corporate malpractice, government corruption, and social inequality. Her fearless reporting has led to positive changes, prompting reforms and raising awareness on crucial matters.

Recognized for her exceptional investigative skills, Jennifer has been honored with prestigious journalism awards, cementing her position as one of the industry’s most influential voices. As she continues her work, Jennifer remains a staunch advocate for journalism’s role in holding the powerful accountable and giving a voice to those who need it most.

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