pahrump flag

A housing development in North Carolina called 1776 Gastonia is making headlines because it requires residents to fly an American flag all year round to show their patriotism. The developer, Brock Fankhauser, wants to combine American patriotism, the American dream of homeownership, and the founding ideals of the country. People from all political parties are welcome, as long as they embrace the US Constitution. Fankhauser emphasizes that it’s not a political movement and that they are not tied to any political figures or parties.

The price of the home includes the US flag, and houses start at $450,000. The development aims to create a community focused on family, country, and patriotism. The streets even have patriotic names like Betsy Ross Drive and Constitution Lane. The community is expected to open in 2024 and describes itself as an “America First community for freedom-loving Patriots.” However, some people question the legality of requiring residents to display a specific flag and whether it aligns with a particular political agenda. Real estate lawyer Harmony Taylor believes it may be against public policy to mandate a particular political view, raising concerns about the legality of the requirement.