Christian Lee Phillips, the man accused of orchestrating a series of robberies in Las Vegas Valley businesses, has been arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This crime wave, dubbed “Spray and Prey,” involved Phillips entering various establishments wearing a mask and then requesting to use the restroom. Once inside, he would deploy pepper spray, causing chaos, and then seize cash registers as employees sought fresh air.

Between August 28th and September 30th, Phillips targeted at least five local eateries. One notable incident occurred at a Subway shop, where he used pepper spray and stole the cash register after customers raised an alarm. At a Coffee Bean, he repeated this tactic, leaving behind evidence like a glove and a bag similar to those used in previous robberies.

Police identified Phillips through a red Toyota Rav4 registered under his grandmother’s name and a Mazda associated with a Touro app rental during the crime spree. His distinct tattoo further confirmed his identity.

Following a standoff on October 1st, Phillips was arrested without showing any remorse. A search of his residence uncovered incriminating evidence, including a gas mask, clothing matching his description, a restroom key, bear attack spray, Coffee Bean coupons, and a cash drawer in the garage.

With Phillips in custody, the “Spray and Prey” spree has come to an end, bringing relief to the affected businesses.

Photo Credit: Christian Lee Phillips (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)