In a disturbing incident in Las Vegas, a man is facing criminal charges for choking and torturing puppies outside a northeast valley fast-food restaurant. The incident occurred on October 1, and the suspect, who refused to disclose his identity, was swiftly taken into custody.

Las Vegas police responded to an animal complaint on the 1600 block of N. Lamb Blvd after multiple witnesses reported an Asian male adult mistreating puppies on the sidewalk. Upon arrival, police found the suspect holding two puppies and immediately contacted Animal Control for assistance.

Notably, the suspect tried to conceal his identity by providing two false names, which yielded no matches in records checks. He also seemed disoriented during the encounter and eventually requested legal representation.

A witness at the scene shared video evidence showing the suspect cruelly dragging the puppies by their paws and attempting to juggle them. Another witness reported the suspect strangling the puppies by their necks, causing them to cry out in pain. This brave individual confronted the suspect and waited for the police to arrive.

Animal Control officers arrived and took custody of the traumatized puppies, noting their evident shock.

The suspect, identified as “John Doe,” now faces charges of animal torture and providing false information to a public officer.

This distressing incident underscores the importance of vigilant witnesses and rapid police response in protecting innocent animals. The puppies are now safe and receiving the care they need from Animal Control.