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Nevada has settled a $2 million lawsuit with Walmart after accusing the company of misleading customers. The state’s attorney general, Aaron Ford, claimed that Walmart violated a law called the Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act by showing different prices on store shelves compared to what customers paid at the cash register.

Walmart employees used handheld devices to change prices, but they needed another machine to print new price labels for the shelves. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the new labels were not always put on the shelves at the same time as the price changes.

The Nevada Department of Agriculture inspected Walmart stores in the northern part of the state to check for price differences. They found that Walmart failed four out of nine inspections.

Ford said it’s important for companies to be honest and show the same price on the shelf and at the register. This way, customers can make informed choices about what to buy.

In response to the lawsuit, Walmart has made some changes. They are giving their employees extra training on price changes and requiring them to be physically present when updating prices. Walmart is also limiting the number of labels employees can print at once.

Additionally, Walmart plans to use electronic pricing on shelves and do regular inspections at random stores in Nevada and Colorado. These steps aim to ensure that the prices on the shelves match what customers pay at the register.

The settlement shows that it’s essential for businesses to be transparent and fair in their pricing. Customers rely on accurate information to make smart shopping decisions. Nevada wants to protect consumers and hold companies accountable if they deceive their customers.