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Bills that would restrict the possession and purchase of semiautomatic firearms for individuals under the age of 21, as well as prohibit the possession of firearms near election sites, have been passed by lawmakers and are now awaiting the governor’s decision. The legislation was approved on Monday afternoon, with state senators voting along party lines, except for the absence of state Sen. Skip Daly, D-Reno, and the excusal of state Sen. Carrie Buck, R-Henderson, from the vote.

One of the bills, Assembly Bill 355, faced deliberation among lawmakers as it seeks to prevent individuals under 21 from possessing or purchasing semiautomatic shotguns or rifles, with exceptions for law enforcement and military personnel. Supporters of the bill, such as state Sen. Fabian Doñate, D-Las Vegas, emphasized the importance of proactive measures to reduce gun violence in the state. However, Republican senators raised concerns about the limitations and potential infringement on constitutional rights, highlighting the contrasting approach to minors’ decision-making autonomy on other matters.

Another bill, Assembly Bill 354, was also passed along party lines. This legislation aims to prohibit the possession of firearms within 100 feet of an entrance to an election site and provide clarification regarding firearms without serial numbers, commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” Despite its intention to protect election workers, Republican opponents, including state Sen. Ira Hansen, R-Sparks, expressed their opposition, arguing that such bills unfairly target law-abiding citizens. The bills now await the decision of Gov. Joe Lombardo, who will determine their approval or veto.