pahrump snow

As temperatures soar in the Las Vegas Valley, Mt. Charleston residents are struggling with flooding on private roads due to melting snow. The snowfall this year was over 260 inches, a record-breaking amount that will take longer to melt. The melting snow is causing destruction on the roads and making it challenging for residents to reach their homes. The snowmelt is a concern for potential dangers such as avalanches or rockslides due to loose snow.

The gravel roads are being washed away, making access to homes more challenging. Higher up in the mountains, the snow is beginning to melt, and the Forestry Service warns that it could be anywhere on the mountain. The Lovell Pass and the Wheeler Pass OHV trail have both been washed out, and more situations like these are expected. As temperatures drop, the snow that melts will turn into ice, causing further concerns. It is recommended to check the mountain’s conditions before heading up, and people should be prepared for snow drifts and icy trails.