pahrump trucks

Nevada State Police (NSP) have reported an increase in accidents involving big rigs last year and this year. To address the issue, NSP is cracking down on safety violations by commercial vehicles. NSP Trooper Darold Kassebaum conducted inspections during a ride-along with a journalist, stopping multiple truck drivers for violations such as speeding, abrupt lane changes, and no turn signal. Kassebaum stressed the importance of safety violations and urged motorists to avoid cutting off and following big rigs too closely.

Kassebaum reported that there have been four accidents involving big rigs in Nevada so far this year, with two in March and two in April. He noted that many of the drivers involved in these accidents are new and inexperienced. Kassebaum also emphasized that a commercial vehicle traveling at 60 MPH requires nearly two football fields to stop. To report any truck driver violations, motorists can call 911 or highway patrol.