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Nevada is ranked fifth in the country for the number of people testing positive for HIV, with nearly 17% of HIV infections nationwide. The Center, serving the LGBTQ community of Nevada, saw four people test positive for HIV in the first two months of this year alone. In southern Nevada, the number of people annually who are testing positive is keeping health experts on high alert. The transient nature of Las Vegas makes it even more important to take care of not only the population but also those who visit the city.

The numbers have been steady, and it’s time to make a bigger impact. The Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit in the valley provides more information about treatment and prevention to local health experts. The goal is to end the HIV epidemic in the community, and it is important to understand that it looks different in every community. There is a need to better educate the Las Vegas community and normalize the stigmatization of sex, treatment for sex, HIV, and other diseases in healthcare science.