pahrump alien

Las Vegas police body cam footage captured a green flash streaking across the sky, sparking intrigue following a 911 call from a family who claimed to have witnessed “non-human” beings after an object crashed in their backyard. The incident, reminiscent of Art Bell’s old radio show, remains a mystery.

On April 30, eyewitnesses across California, Nevada, and Utah reported seeing the unexplained flash, as confirmed by the American Meteor Society. Body camera video recorded the streak of light, but the origin and nature of the object remain unclear.

A distressed family called 911, reporting the presence of two large beings in their backyard. The family described the creatures as having big eyes and mouths, unlike humans. Police officers were dispatched to investigate, and the call log confirms multiple family members witnessed the event.

Despite the investigation and subsequent visits by officials, no concrete answers have been found. The incident remains unexplained, with the police department closing the case as “unfounded.” Representatives from nearby air force bases deny involvement, and the Pentagon has not responded to inquiries.