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A step forward has been taken towards legalizing a state lottery as the Senate elections committee voted 3-2 to advance Assembly Joint Resolution 5. The resolution still faces challenges and concerns from some lawmakers, such as Senators Heidi Seevers Gansert and Lisa Krasner, who worry about the potential impact on the thriving gaming industry in Nevada. Seevers Gansert emphasized the importance of supporting the existing industry and expressed concerns about the potential deterioration it may face.

However, committee chair Senator James Ohrenschall expressed his support for the resolution, citing testimony indicating that individuals who cross state borders to purchase lottery tickets may not necessarily engage in gambling activities. Ohrenschall believed in the possibility of coexistence between the lottery and the gaming industry.

While the resolution’s advancement is a significant development, there is still a lengthy process ahead. If passed by the Senate, the matter would be deliberated in the 2025 legislative session. If approved there, the proposed amendment to legalize a state lottery would appear on the 2026 general election ballot. Nevada Assemblyman Cameron “C.H.” Miller has previously mentioned the potential use of lottery funds to address youth mental health concerns. Currently, Nevada is one of the five states without a state lottery.