pahrump police department

In July, calling 911 in Las Vegas meant waiting up to 10 minutes, but things have improved. Now, the wait time is around 2-3 minutes, with a quick 5-second answer time. In August, the longest wait was 4 minutes and 49 seconds, dropping to 2 minutes and 55 seconds in September.

The long waits in July were due to more calls and fewer staff. However, call volumes have decreased from 192,000 in July to 161,000 in September. Efforts to hire more call takers and dispatchers have been successful by lowering typing speed requirements and providing training.

New recruits are already helping with calls under supervision, reducing wait times. They’re also making non-emergency 311 calls faster, down from 3-4 hours in July to about 1 hour in September.

With the largest-ever class of 50 call takers and dispatchers graduating soon, Las Vegas Metro Police are committed to improving response times further. Your calls for help will be answered more promptly in the future.