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According to a new report by online jigsaw site I’m-A-Puzzle, Nevadans are struggling to take their eyes off the screen as the state has the most interest in video games. The report analyzed thousands of gaming-related search terms and found that Nevada takes the top spot with an average of 7,658 monthly gaming-related searches per 100,000 population. The most searched terms in the state were “ps5,” “steam,” and “Nintendo switch.” Georgia and New York follow behind Nevada as the states with the most interest in video games.

This report highlights the growing prevalence of gaming culture in Nevada and the US as a whole. As technology continues to advance, more and more people are turning to video games as a form of entertainment and escape. However, excessive screen time can have negative impacts on both physical and mental health. It is important for individuals to balance their gaming habits with other activities and responsibilities in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, parents should monitor their children’s gaming habits to ensure they are not spending too much time in front of screens and prioritize outdoor activities, socializing, and academic pursuits.