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Lawmakers in Nevada are considering a proposal to enhance rail safety in the state after a series of national train derailments, including one in Ohio. The proposed Assembly Bill 456 would require the installation of devices to detect potentially defective equipment along railways and alert the onboard crew. The proposal also mandates that any train that has come to a complete stop and is blocking a railroad-highway crossing must be cut or moved to clear the way for emergency vehicles. Supporters of the bill argue that the measures are necessary to prevent the risk of derailment and other potentially catastrophic accidents.

Union Pacific Railroad track runs for nearly 1,200 miles through Nevada, carrying various freight types. Although derailments have varied over the past decade in the state, the proposed measures aim to mitigate the risk of similar accidents, such as the hazardous materials derailment that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio. The derailment involved about 50 of the 150 rail cars on a train owned by Norfolk Southern Corp. The accident has raised concerns about the prioritization of efficiency over safety in the rail industry. The bill has passed the Assembly Committee on Growth and Infrastructure and is headed to the full Assembly for consideration.