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Clark County teachers are urging state lawmakers to make schools safer by passing a bill that would give schools greater power to discipline violent children. During their testimonies, several CCSD kindergarten teachers shared their experiences of being assaulted by students, trashed classrooms, and experiencing hostility from violent students. They argued that these incidents contribute to a hostile work environment and have become one of the primary reasons why educators are leaving the profession. The proposed bill, AB285, aims to stiffen punishments for students who repeatedly disrupt class with violent behavior, including expelling violent children and putting them in a behavioral school.

However, there were concerns expressed about what happens to the children who get expelled, and some argued that Restorative Justice in Nevada schools is being unfairly scapegoated. They claimed that it has not been properly implemented and that better behavior for kids starts outside the classroom. CCSD parent Anna Binder called for schools to be more communicative so that parents of problematic children can know their students are disrupting class. The bill’s author, Assemblywoman Angie Taylor of Washoe County, thanked everyone for their testimonies and urged lawmakers to balance disproportionality, equity, and commitment to all kids with a safe educational environment for staff and students.