pahrump scam

Nevada residents who work as insurance producers or agents are being warned about an email phishing scam by the Nevada Division of Insurance. The division has received reports from licensed individuals who have received fraudulent emails, claiming that their licenses could be revoked if they don’t pay an amendment fee. These emails contain a payment link that is embedded in the message.

Officials from the division shared a picture of the scam and revealed that the emails are being sent from an address called “INSURANCE LICENSING:” The subject line of these emails reads “Nevada Division of Insurance Amendment AMENDMENT FEE.”

To help people identify legitimate emails from the Division of Insurance Licensing, officials provided an example. They stated that all official emails from the Division are sent from addresses such as “” or “” If you receive emails claiming to be from the Division of Insurance but using any other addresses, those should be considered fraudulent and promptly deleted.

It is crucial for Nevada residents who are insurance producers or agents to be cautious about these phishing attempts. Scammers are trying to deceive them into paying a fake amendment fee, which could result in financial loss and potential harm to their professional licenses. Always verify the legitimacy of any email you receive and be wary of clicking on payment links or sharing personal information without confirming the source. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from falling victim to this scam.