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A recent report by research group TRIP shows a concerning rise of 30% in traffic fatalities in Nevada. The study looked at data from 2019 to 2022 and found worrying trends.

Despite fewer cars on the road due to the pandemic, the report reveals that fatalities increased significantly. Nationally, fatalities went up by 19%, from 36,096 before the pandemic to 42,795. In Nevada, there was a 30% increase, with 304 fatalities in 2019 and 396 in 2022. The report estimates that these accidents caused $16 billion in total harm, including $4 billion in economic costs and $12 billion in quality-of-life costs.

The study also shows a 19% increase in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities across the country.

Jeff Johnson, Chairman of the American Traffic Safety Services Association, emphasizes the need for collaboration to save lives on the roads. He says everyone must work together to reduce fatalities and injuries, which cost around $1.9 trillion last year and bring immense pain to families.

To address this issue, the U.S. Department of Transportation introduced a National Roadway Safety Strategy in 2022. The strategy focuses on educating people about speeding and impaired driving, improving vehicle features to lessen crash impacts, and implementing safer road features like traffic roundabouts.

Jake Nelson, AAA’s Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research, says the current approaches to transportation safety are not as effective as before. He believes that by investing in the transportation system, we have a chance to reduce traffic deaths and injuries. Nelson highlights the importance of addressing the $146 billion backlog in necessary road safety improvements, as identified in a 2017 AAA report.