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Governor Joe Lombardo’s veto of critical tenant rights and eviction reform bills has sparked concerns about a potential homelessness crisis in Southern Nevada. The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada warns that thousands of Nevadans could face eviction and homelessness as a result.

One of the vetoed bills, Senate Bill 335, aimed to temporarily halt evictions for up to 60 days for renters awaiting rental assistance. Lombardo justified his veto by expressing concerns about increased burdens on landlords and potential higher costs.

Assembly Bill 340, which revised the eviction process, and Senate Bill 78, a rental reform bill, were also vetoed. Supporters of the bills argue that they would have protected tenants and ensured fair treatment.

While Lombardo signed some legislation to combat homelessness and provide rental assistance, critics believe that his vetoed bills perpetuate systemic injustices and undermine civil rights. They argue that affordable housing is a fundamental human right and express concern about increasing rent burdens on working families.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald acknowledges the concerns of small landlords but highlights Lombardo’s efforts to work with Democrats and address homelessness through funding legislation.