A San Jose police officer, Mark McNamara, has resigned following the exposure of racist text messages by the San Jose Police Department (SJPD). These texts were discovered during an unrelated investigation and are linked to a 2022 incident where McNamara shot a Black college football player, K’aun Green.

The SJPD has a “zero tolerance” policy for racial bias and is investigating another employee who received some of these messages. Green, who suffered four gunshot wounds in the taqueria incident, filed a federal lawsuit against McNamara, SJPD, and the City of San Jose for excessive force.

McNamara’s texts contained racial slurs and derogatory language, including the statement, “I hate Black people.” Green, whose football dreams were derailed, called for criminal charges against McNamara, potentially as a hate crime.

The San Jose Police Officers Association condemned McNamara’s behavior and confirmed his resignation. The federal lawsuit is set to commence in Spring 2024.

This incident has sparked renewed discussions on police conduct and accountability, prompting calls for a thorough examination of law enforcement practices.