The courtroom at the Queens Criminal Court was a scene straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster as Jessica Beauvais, infamously dubbed the “Podcast Killer,” was found guilty on all charges related to the tragic death of NYPD Officer Anastasios Tsakos.

With the atmosphere thick enough to cut with a knife, Beauvais, 32, displayed a chilling calmness that would make even seasoned criminals shiver. As the jury read out the guilty verdict, she remained eerily unaffected, a stark contrast to the raw emotion displayed by the late officer’s devastated widow, Irene Tsakos. The latter’s heart-wrenching cries echoed throughout the courtroom, leaving many in attendance visibly shaken.

Outside the courtroom, whispers and murmurs filled the air as defense lawyer Jorge Santos was overheard making candid remarks about the case. “There wasn’t really anything we could do. Tough, tough case,” he commented, seemingly eager to leave behind the weight of such a high-profile trial.

The details of the case are as gruesome as they come. Officer Tsakos, a dedicated servant of the city, met his untimely demise on the Long Island Expressway while performing his duties. The horror of that fateful night in April 2021 was recounted with graphic details that left the courtroom audience gasping. The description of Tsakos’s injuries, as presented by New York Presbyterian EMS Kevin Beverly, was particularly harrowing. “His face was split in two,” Beverly described, painting a visceral image that will undoubtedly haunt many for years to come.

But what adds an extra layer of shock to this already grisly tale is Beauvais’s lifestyle choices leading up to the incident. The self-proclaimed podcast star was found to have a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit on the night of the accident. It was revealed that just hours before the tragic event, Beauvais was recording a podcast episode where she indulged in a cocktail of vices, ranging from shots and cocktails to smoking weed. A shocking revelation that has left the community wondering: was this tragedy a result of the modern age’s obsession with internet fame?

DEA President Paul DiGiacomo weighed in on the case’s outcome, expressing satisfaction with the justice served. “The only rightful piece remaining is Beauvais behind bars for life,” he declared, echoing the sentiments of many who followed this harrowing case.