It’s a place where fairy tales come alive, where children’s dreams are supposed to flourish, where Mickey, Minnie and their friends dance and sing to entertain guests. However, over the weekend, the area near the iconic Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland was transformed into a modern-day wild west showdown, and not the entertaining kind you might expect from a Frontierland skit.

In a shocking twist worthy of a Hollywood script, the “Happiest Place on Earth” bore witness to a chaotic brawl that looked straight out of a wrestling match – but with no referees in sight.

A jaw-dropping video that has since gone viral on Instagram, courtesy of @Capturedthrills, showcases a group of adults (who we can only assume didn’t heed Goofy’s age-old wisdom, “Gawrsh! Keep calm folks!”) going at it, fists flying. No, this wasn’t some elaborate stage show – it was an all-out rumble with shoves, punches, kicks, and everything in between.

And it wasn’t just the adults that were caught in the middle. Several young children, possibly expecting a glimpse of their favorite Disney characters, instead found themselves shockingly close to the action. The frenzy even reached a crescendo when the combatants nearly toppled a baby stroller in their passion to land blows.

Anaheim police, clearly not accustomed to such unruly behavior in this magical kingdom, teamed up with Disneyland Resort Security to respond. Although no arrests were made, the incident remains under a microscope.

While Disneyland’s iconic castle stood tall and unyielding in the background, the theme park’s spokespersons remain as silent as Sleeping Beauty in her slumber, choosing not to comment immediately on this unsavory event.

Ironically, only last year, Disney felt compelled to remind its guests of one basic rule – fighting is not part of the Disneyland experience. One has to wonder, in a world where fairy tales are real, what happened to the magic that day?