In Pahrump, a distressing event took place when a woman is suspected to have taken her own life by jumping from a hot air balloon. The incident occurred early Wednesday morning and is currently under scrutiny by both local first responders and Federal Aviation Administration representatives.

Early reports from communications between the Nye County communication center and the local law enforcement authorities indicated that the hot air balloon was hovering at a height of around 4,000 feet. The woman reportedly leaped from the balloon around 7:20 a.m.

The search for the woman involved the collaborative efforts of Nye County Search and Rescue teams, drones, and Mercy Air crews.

Close to an hour after the incident, at approximately 8 a.m., Pahrump’s municipal staff located the woman’s remains near the crossroads of Calvada Boulevard and Dandelion Street.

Local sources confirmed that, following the tragic event, the pilot of the balloon, which is affiliated with a Las Vegas-based company, immediately reached out to the local authorities. The incident is largely speculated to be a case of suicide.

Further details shared that the balloon made its landing close to Hacienda Street and Tecumseh Avenue, which was in proximity to the site where the unfortunate discovery of the victim was made.