The Supreme Court is reevaluating its 2022 decision on gun rights, focusing on whether a federal law prohibiting alleged domestic abusers from owning firearms violates the Constitution.

This case presents an opportunity for the Court’s conservative majority to consider the broader implications of last year’s ruling, which expanded the right to bear arms beyond the home, guided by historical precedent.

Zackey Rahimi, subject to a restraining order in 2020, argues that the federal law against gun possession infringes on his rights in light of the 2022 ruling. This case is part of a broader challenge to various gun restrictions, both federal and state, that have been questioned following the Court’s 2022 decision.

The outcome of the Rahimi case will have a significant impact on how these restrictions are assessed and applied across the nation. Rahimi’s case revolves around alleged domestic abuse incidents and his separate federal prosecution for violating the gun possession law.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court’s decision will shape the future of gun rights interpretation and the application of firearm regulations in the United States.