pahrump weather

Tonight’s weather promises clear skies, offering a pleasant low temperature of around 57 degrees. The gentle east-northeast breeze of about 5 mph will gradually become calm as the evening progresses.

Monday is set to be a fantastic day with abundant sunshine, and temperatures soaring near 90 degrees. The wind, initially calm, will shift to a soothing southwest direction at around 6 mph during the afternoon.

As Monday night approaches, we can look forward to a slight increase in clouds, creating a picturesque evening. The low temperature will be around 59 degrees, and the east wind at 6 mph will become calm after midnight.

Tuesday brings more sunshine and warmth with a high near 90 degrees. The wind will remain calm, transitioning to a gentle west-southwest breeze at approximately 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday night is expected to be clear and tranquil, with a low temperature of around 59 degrees. The north wind, initially at 5 mph, will become light and variable, contributing to a peaceful night’s rest.

Wednesday is another sunny and beautiful day, with a high temperature near 92 degrees, perfect for outdoor activities.

Wednesday night is clear and comfortable, with a low around 61 degrees, ensuring a restful night.

Thursday promises more sunshine and a high temperature near 92 degrees, making it an ideal day to enjoy the outdoors.

Thursday night continues the trend of clear skies and comfortable conditions, with a low around 61 degrees.

Friday brings sunny weather with a high near 91 degrees, creating the perfect backdrop for a day of fun and adventure.

Friday night remains mostly clear, with a low around 61 degrees, offering a pleasant evening to relax and unwind.

Saturday maintains the sunny trend, with a high near 87 degrees, providing ample opportunities to soak up the sun.

Saturday night is mostly clear, with a low around 58 degrees, making it an excellent evening to stargaze or enjoy some quiet time outdoors.

Sunday rounds off the week with more sunny weather and a high near 82 degrees, allowing you to savor the last moments of the weekend with beautiful weather.