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Nye County is on high alert as it braces for the arrival of Hurricane Hilary, a powerful storm system that is currently over a thousand miles away. In anticipation of potential impacts, officials are ramping up preparations and are urging residents to prioritize safety by staying home and avoiding non-essential travel.

“Despite the current distance of Hilary, Nye County is not taking any chances. We are proactively working alongside federal, state, and regional partners to fortify our emergency responses, ensure shelter provisions, and safeguard our infrastructure and roadways,” mentioned a county spokesperson in a recent press release.

As part of the preemptive measures:

  1. Sandbag Distribution: The county has already distributed around 15,000 sandbags. In addition, they expect the delivery of 12,000 more to bolster flood defenses.
  2. Emergency Shelters: The Red Cross has taken significant steps to ensure that residents have a safe place to take shelter. A 100-person temporary structure has been staged in Pahrump, offering refuge for those in need.
  3. National Guard Involvement: The National Guard is stepping in to provide crucial support with equipment and personnel to ensure that the county is well-prepared to face any emergencies Hilary might bring.
  4. Emergency Operation Center: The Nye County Emergency Operation Center is gearing up for full activation and will be manned by a combination of state and local resources, ensuring a coordinated and efficient response.
  5. Information Dissemination: Mobile and stationary display boards will be set up throughout the county, providing residents with critical flood-related information.
  6. Bolstered Emergency Response: To ensure that every emergency, whether related to fire, EMS, or law enforcement, is promptly attended to, the county’s emergency response agencies have been strengthened with additional responders.

Officials strongly advise residents to utilize the 911 emergency number strictly for emergencies. For regular updates, residents can follow the county’s official website,, or their Facebook page, The Nye County Sheriff’s Facebook page will also be providing regular updates.

The recent video titled “Hurricane Hilary brings heavy rain storms to the Las Vegas Valley,” now streaming on Watchlogo-7at7, provides a detailed look into the hurricane’s impact and intensity.

With the entire county coming together to prepare for Hilary, residents are urged to do their part: stay safe, stay informed, and cooperate with officials to ensure that the community weathers the storm with minimal harm.