pahrump police department

A Pahrump aunt is in trouble for hurting a child and not taking care of him properly. The child, who is five years old, went missing for more than six hours. Someone called the police to report the missing child on Sunday at around 3:17 p.m.

The police found out that the boy lives with his dad, but his aunt, Camille Sebolt, who is 26 years old, was taking care of him at that time. Camille was staying temporarily at the house. Deputy Yoanna Sotello wrote in her report that Camille got angry at the child for throwing pillows around inside the house. She went outside to get away from him when she heard him calling for her, but she ignored him. When Camille went back inside, she noticed the child was gone, but she wasn’t worried and went to sleep. She woke up when the child’s dad told her the child was missing. They called 911 to report it.

Deputy Sotello’s report also mentioned that Camille seemed to be acting strangely because she might have taken drugs. She admitted to smoking meth earlier in the day. The police arrested her.

Sheriff Joe McGill commented on the incident, saying they still have many questions about what happened and why the child wandered off from his aunt’s care.

The boy’s father found his son in Comstock Park with a friend of his. The friend had taken care of the child, but it’s not clear if the child went willingly or was taken. The police are still investigating.

Many people helped in the search for the boy, including search and rescue teams, police dogs, and community volunteers. It was a hot day, and they worked hard to find the child.

Sheriff McGill thanked everyone for their efforts and said they appreciated their hard work in such extreme heat.

Camille Sebolt is facing charges of hurting and neglecting the child, as well as being under the influence of drugs. Her bail is set at $15,000.