pahrump flags

Ray “The Flagman” Mielzynski, a popular and well-known member of the community, passed away at the age of 78 while under hospice care. Mielzynski earned his nickname by walking the streets and highways of Pahrump, proudly carrying an American flag, a laminated copy of the U.S. Bill of Rights, and two holstered revolvers. He was widely respected and admired throughout the community for his dedication to upholding constitutional rights. Mielzynski was a fixture at the county courthouse, where he observed countless criminal and civil cases for over a decade. He also co-hosted a local television talk show and made unsuccessful bids for Nye County sheriff. Mielzynski’s benevolent nature and unique qualities, including his long white beard and daily offering of chewing gum, made him a beloved figure in Pahrump.

The news of Ray Mielzynski’s health problems saddened and shocked the community, prompting an outpouring of tributes on social media. Residents expressed their gratitude for his advocacy and mourned the loss of a proud American. Mielzynski’s dedication to his country and community earned him widespread respect and admiration. His generous nature was evident when he offered to personally pay a $6,000 fine for a man convicted of insurance fraud. Mielzynski’s unconventional appearance, with his long white beard, dark sunglasses, and gardening gloves, was a recognizable sight at the courthouse. He had a habit of ending conversations with the words, “Keep the faith.”

Services for Ray Mielzynski are scheduled to be held at Chief Tecopa Cemetery on May 12, followed by a public memorial service at Petrack Park on May 11. The community is encouraged to bring their own flags to wave in honor of the “Flagman.” Mielzynski’s passing leaves a void in the community, as he was not only a passionate advocate for constitutional rights but also a kind and generous individual who will be deeply missed.