pahrump police department

Newly released documents by the FBI reveal that the perpetrator of the 2017 Route 91 Harvest festival shooting in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock, had reported issues with casinos not treating him as a “high roller” before the massacre. The 300-page document includes details of Paddock’s weapons, his previous hotel stays in Las Vegas and Reno, and his behavior leading up to the shooting. The FBI interviewed someone who had chatted with Paddock online, who reported that Paddock had a bankroll of $2-3 million and frequented multiple casinos in Reno but was banned from them.

The report also details that Paddock was very upset with how he and other high rollers were being treated by the casinos in recent years, leading to speculation that this stress could have contributed to his decision to carry out the shooting. However, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have warned against further speculation on Paddock’s motive, stating that it causes more harm to the victims. The FBI documents released were from the original investigation and are unlikely to shed new light on the case.