pahrump urgent care

Pahrump is getting a new urgent care center called OptimuM Urgent Care. It’s opening soon to meet the community’s growing healthcare needs. The center hosted an open house event to introduce the team and show what they’ll offer.

OptimuM Urgent Care will handle non-emergency medical situations like ankle injuries, back pain, headaches, and prescription refills. They’ll have experienced staff and on-site labs for quick test results. If patients need more advanced care, the center will arrange safe transport. They’ll also work closely with patients’ regular doctors for follow-up care.

The new center will be at 1501 E. Calvada Blvd., taking over the former Pahrump Medical Center. The community is excited about this new addition, as it will enhance their access to medical services. The official opening date will be announced soon as the place is undergoing some remodeling.

Overall, OptimuM Urgent Care is a positive development for Pahrump, meeting the community’s healthcare needs efficiently and effectively.