pahrump police line

A man from Pahrump was taken into custody after shooting and killing one dog while injuring another due to his concerns about his chickens’ safety. David Hollis now faces charges of cruelty to animals and discharging a gun in a manner that could endanger others, as stated by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. The incident was reported by the owner of the two dogs, who received a call from an unnamed neighbor informing them of the shooting. Although one wounded dog was found with a gunshot wound to its throat, the second dog remained missing. A sheriff’s deputy visited Hollis’ residence and discovered a significant amount of blood near the front gate, leading to an arrest report.

According to Hollis’ unidentified wife, the dogs had exhibited aggressive behavior upon entering their property and attempted to access their chicken coop. She and her husband expressed fear that the dogs would harm their chickens. They claimed to have tried unsuccessfully to scare the dogs away and subsequently closed their front gates to prevent the animals from leaving until animal control officers could arrive. However, the deputy who conducted the investigation did not witness any attempt by the dogs to enter the coop or observe any vicious behavior in a video shown to them by Hollis’ wife. Hollis is suspected of using a .22 caliber rifle to shoot the dogs, with one being placed in a trash can by his wife and later discovered by an animal control officer.

Following his arrest, Hollis’ bail was set at $20,000 by the sheriff’s office. However, as of Thursday, there is no record of his incarceration in the Pahrump county jail, according to jail records.