Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is under scrutiny for housing more than 400 migrants, hidden away behind curtains, a stark increase from just 31 in August. This has made the airport one of the 18 migrant shelters in the city, with homeless Americans no longer permitted to stay there.

Concerns are rising about Mayor Johnson, who initially promised to be “the people’s mayor” but is now facing criticism for appearing to prioritize migrants over local residents. There are worries that the security checks for migrants may not be as rigorous as those for American citizens at airports.

Chicago is already grappling with a surge in crime and the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, and questions are being raised about how funds are being allocated to address the migrant crisis.

Communication from Mayor Johnson has been limited, which is causing frustration among many residents. The situation at O’Hare seems to have escalated beyond its original scope, with thousands of migrants arriving in the city by bus.

To manage the situation, there are currently 15 shelters for asylum seekers throughout the city, and another one is planned for the South Side. Chicago’s leaders are under increasing pressure to find solutions that address both immediate and long-term concerns.