pahrump clouds

Nevada’s drought situation has seen a significant improvement due to the tremendous rainfall this winter. Southern Nevada, which was previously in an exceptional drought, is now in a moderate or severe drought. Lee Canyon is approaching its snowpack record with 237 inches, and 10 to 20 more inches are expected with Tuesday’s storm.

Last year, conservation group Save Red Rock raised funds to buy and install cloud seeding machines that generate ice in passing clouds. These machines are located on the Spring Mountain Range, with one in Lovell Canyon and the other on Mt. Potosi, and have generated 6,000-acre feet of water during the winter. While the cloud seeding has helped alleviate the water crisis in Southern Nevada, the situation is far from over, and the cloud seeding will continue.

In related news, the state government and federal government have announced funding for cloud seeding programs. Senate Bill 99 would authorize $1.2 million for a state cloud seeding program over the next two years, and the Southern Nevada Water Authority has accepted a grant from the US Bureau of Reclamation to fund cloud seeding in other western states.